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May 14, 2008

A brilliant blog on experience and service design

Adam Lawrence has a very interesting blog on experience and service design. I found his example on experience design very interesting: if you sit in a train and hear the voice of the service guy selling coffee you probably do not react, unless you really need a coffee. But one minute later, when you can smell the coffee of the passenger in the next seat, who ordered a coffee you desperately desire to get one, too. But when you call the guy he is gone already!!! Passengers needs to be prompted somehow to the service. The experience starts before the service.

Another interesting post from the same blog is the director chair exercise. you take a member of the design team and you nominate him/her as the director, than you nominate one member as the customer and a third one as the service attendant. the director has to design the interaction on the basis of the behaviour of the other two acting the service. Of course it requires that the customer behave very honestly…

May 8, 2008

More on Public Services

Two people, Charles Leadbeater and Hilary Cottam, are doing an amazing job in rethinking public services. Here you can find a draft for a chapter they wrote on “Public Service 2.0

May 6, 2008

Some interesting links on service design

I found some interesting links on service design, which I would like to share:

Erik Mohr proposes some thoughts on service design in his Blog. In his recent posts he also links to the podcasts of the recent “Emergence 07” conference on service design and to information on Carnegie Mellon’s work on service design. This page also include an interview to Dan Boyarksi, from Carnegie Mellon, on service design