Design and the social sector

An annotated bibliography on design and social innovation

This is a project by Curtney Drake and William Drenttel, on design contribution to social issues and in particular to social innovation.

One Comment to “Design and the social sector”

  1. Unfortunately Erlhoff/Marshall were not the authors of the article on Service Design in the Design Dictionary – they were the editors.
    Could you please urgently change this to:

    Mager, Birgit “Definition of Service Design.“ in Erlhoff, Michael; Marshall, Tim.Design Dictionary Perspectives on Design Terminology. Basel: Birkhäuser Verlag, 2008. p354-357, 4p. Print.
    Birgit Mager professor for Service Design at Koeln International School of Design explores the meaning of service design, a discipline that is highly demanded by developed nations and the source of many new enterprises and subsequent jobs. Erlhoff and Marshall define service design as a process that “addresses the functionality and form of services from the perspective of the client” in a way that is “effective, efficient, and distinctive” for service suppliers. The theory and methodology behind service design closely parallels those behind product design, although the formal language for this newly emergent discipline is still in development. Mager asserts that service designers can only shape the conditions that create an experience, rather than shaping the experience itself. Common tools for this somewhat intangible design application are blueprints, journey mapping, scenario planning, touch point analysis, and service enactment. As such, the performing arts serve as metaphors for communicating concepts in innovative ways for service design. Mager introduces points of debate around the purpose service design and how material and human factors interact and are integrated, issues they conclude must be resolved by design teams. [CD]

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