Welcome to the workshop on strategic design for small and medium enterprises in Pune. The workshop will focus on ways to generate innovation at the local level, taking inspiration from our everyday life and from cases of collective and users’ creativity.

The real workshop will take place at the Creative I-College in Pune, from the 22.3.07 to the 25.3.07, but before that this site will host a virtual forum, with instructions on preparation work for the participants and, hopefully, discussions about the problems to discuss during the workshop.

Instructions for the preliminary work

Cultural probes:

You should collect a series of annotation about your daily conditions concerning your own transportation and possibly the transportation issues related to your family/friends. You can consider how you move across the city, or how some transportation issues related to your life are organised. For instance you can consider how food is delivered to you, or how laundry services are organised, or how health services are organised for you or for your family, or how transportation issues are organised for the assistance of your elderly relatives.

You should use a notebook, and, if you ask other people to help you, you should give them a similar notebook.

The notebook may include some instructions on what to write on it and a map of the city

For each person you should take a separate annotation block.

Each annotation block should include information about:

  • What are your movements in the city (you can use a copy of the city map for this)
  • At what time of the day?
  • What transportation means do you use?
  • What transportation means are used by those who want to reach you or to deliver a product/service to you?
  • How long are your travelling?
  • How long are you waiting for a product/service to be delivered?
  • Are you stopping somewhere in your trip or during your trip back home?
  • Are you travelling alone?
  • When (at what time of the day/week) do you decide where to go and when to start your trip

You should compile this information (not necessarily covering all the above mentioned topics) in a sort of Diary, that means that you should describe the above mentioned topics for each individual trip you do.

While you describe this you can also include some reflections about your experience or what you think it would improve the quality of your journey

Example (considerations, thoughts and wishes are in red):

Tuesday, 27.2.07

H: 7:30 I’m getting ready to ride to my son’s school,. There is snow outside, but I decide that I can use the bicycle trailer.

H:8:00 I leave my place

There is a lot of snow, they take the snow off the car’s roads, but they did not clean the bicycle paths, as a consequence of this I have to cue with the cars at the traffic lights. I wish they cleaned the bicycle paths.

H:8:10 I arrive to my son’s school and help him getting ready for the lesson

H:8:20 I ride to work

H:8:30 I park my bicycle outside the building and lock it

H:11:00-11:30 I get out to buy something to eat

There is a service to deliver my lunch, I can order food I cannot find here around.

H:16:00 I get out of my workplace to pick up my son from school

H:16:20 I pick up my son

H:16:45 While going back home I stop to the local supermarket and by some food for dinner tonight

H: 17:30 I’m back home


Wednesday 28.2.07

H: 7:30…..

You can possibly take pictures that are relevant to qualify your trip, such as:

  • Pictures of your transport means
  • Picture of bus/train stops
  • Pictures of the timetable or communications for travellers
  • Conditions of the street
  • Picture of what you see while travelling
  • Picture of the parking space where you have your transport means or where you leave it once at destination



The road is full of snow, but I prefer to ride my bike, if I walked or took a bus it would take much longer


My bicycle trailer is very useful to transport my kids to school (but also for shopping)


There is a supermarket on the way back from work, so I can stop for some shopping


There are bicycle paths, but they are full of snow, so I have to ride between the cars

You should do this for a short period of time, e.g. 5 to 10 days. You can also add separate report of last time you had an extraordinary trip (e.g. when you travelled for a long time, when you had a traffic jam that kept you on the road for a longer time, when you had to transport heavy stuff, when you had to give a lift to a friend to an unusual place)

Eventually you can also add routine paths to your diary, e.g. the time sequence of your average trip to work/university.’


Finally, you can add any kind of information or observation you believe can be useful to describe your way of using transportation system (e.g. a website describing the route, etc)


6 Comments to “Pune”

  1. v all of interior design students how should it benefits us i think it a topic which is totally different from interior design

  2. my name is syed peman i m in interior design department i am in 1st yr already i hace done diploma in architecture which is of 3ys but in my diploma these kinds of work shop and topics are not there i think we should study in the field of interior design or architecture

  3. Hi there……..,
    My name is “salar”,i am currently doing first year of interior design in creative-i college.well, i respect your topic for this workshop,and it might be very effective in its own field.But,would you please tell us how it is going to help us and what it has to do with interior designing……..,
    thank you.

  4. Well, if I had to give a first answer to Salar, I would say: “nothing; this topic has nothing to do with Interior design”. When requested to participate to this event I was not asked to work on a topic that is specific for Interior Design students. However I usually propose this kind of projects to my product design students, who ask more or less the same question. The issue is: how specialised should a designer be? Is it correct that a designer specialises only on his own minimal area of expertise? Or is it better that designers have a broader view about the systemic effects of their own activity, and therefore look at “systems” instead of looking inside the four walls that can delimit the interior design space?
    For instance have you ever thought of the consequences that a different transportation system may have on the space in which you live, eat, study or work in? And did you ever think of the demands interior spaces are putting on the transportation system? What happens if an organisation in the city decides to order food from different locations for their lunch? do you need a special space? can you adapt the existing one?
    So, if I were Salar I would use those three days to forget the specific of interior design and think in a broader perspective, it helps framing your work in the right context.
    See you in Pune (hopefully)

  5. I must thank the students who participated to the workshop in Pune last week. They were young and enthusiastic students, who, notwithstanding the topic, definitely unusual for them, and the lack of experience (they were 1 or 2. year students) were able to put together interesting projects and elaborate what I proposed to them. I like to mention the definition of my work by one of the students: it is “management managed by designers”. Thanks Salar, I will use this definition for my activity, I think it is very interesting. I will also post the pictures about the projects as soon as possible, at the moment, back to Denmark, I’m trying to cope with a huge mass of mails to reply and administrative tasks. But I’ll do my best. Thank you again

  6. sir, u remember being in creative i college, i am a student of product design department…our course is industrial designing….can u please just give me someguide lines as to what an all i need to qualify in for being in this field of design….like topics specially what will i need to clear in ths course…..am not getting n e clear idea of what the college is saying…..and by the way can u please if u don mind say what are the intensions of this college creative i u feel and what did u feel about this college….

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