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October 3, 2008


How many of us leave in homes full of stuff we do not use any more (or we have never used?). How many of us have kids that outgrow their clothes after few weeks and would like to save on those clothes?

We usually exchange this stuff with our friends or relatives, however a sort of “marketplace” for exchanging those items would make our life easier and possibly fun. Exchanging stuff may be a good excuse for exchanging thoughts, having a chat with new people.

From my point of view (that of an academic working on social systems at the local scale) this would be a good strategy for activating local systems: you do not want to exchange your second hand clothes with someone on the other side of the world, but you may want to know who has small kids in your area, especially if you are new of the area.

I found a site called UandItrade which seems to address those needs. Check it out!

The system works without money, it is just based on trade credits, which is also good: you don’t want to be obsessed by money, and after all, you do not build social relationship when money is involved!

It’s a pity it is a bit far from our Europeans, but it would be nice to know about similar systems in EU.

By the way, I’d like to share my thoughts with Matt Wilbourne, which informed me about this site, but I don’t know how to contact him, he just left a comment on this blog, and I read it after 2 months