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November 16, 2008

Radiomamma, improving life quality and creating social innovation

Whoever can read Italian and has an interest in social innovation should have a look at Radiomamma: a network of people living in Milan, who are sick and tired of a tremendous situation in which they have no assistance from public services and decided to help each other in finding solutions to very simple problems for everyday.

Radiomamma is a website for parents and grandparents who exchange information about new places and infrastructures for their kids and about places where it is possible to walk with a pram with no architectural barriers (and this is quite rare in Milan). There is also the possibility of generating a network of trust, exchanging little favors, and suggest family-friendly guided tours to museums. Of course Radiomamma also have a youtube channel. In other words, the small networks of people meeting everyday in the park with their kids is not transferred on the web and becomes much more powerful.


In fact this shift also creates something new, and here is, in my opinion, the power of the initiative. By using a special label for trusted shops, the network is proposing a perspective shift for service providers: kids should no longer be seen as a problem but as an opportunity: those who are granted with the blue label of Radiomamma will be the preferred shops for parents and grandparents in the network. Of course the initiative is a good chance for families to improve the quality of their life, and even a stressing city like Milan may become a little bit easier to live in.

The shops and service providers who want to get the label can make a test on the radiomamma website, to assess their level of family friendliness.

All this, in my opinion makes Radiomamma as a good example of a promising bottom-up initiative.