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November 20, 2006

Swiss Design Network symposium, my notes

I arrived at the symposium in Geneva late in the morning, I therefore missed Nigel Cross and Ole Pihl.

I arrived at the end of Arne Scheuermann’s presentation on “design as rethoric” (in German), and I was surprised to see how aggressive the questions were on his presentation (I was actually a bit scared by this)

My presentation

I presented my paper (It will be published soon on a book). The paper was on the operative paradigm we are trying to describe, for designers to operate on systems and design product service systems. But at the end, because the symposium was on design research and in preparation to some master in industrial design, I wanted to propose some questions about why we are working on service design and why designers should take care of services. The audience did not ask too many questions (perhaps because I was too long and there was no time)

Alan Findeli’s question

The question was whether I used only bidimensional methods for the analytical and the design phase.

My answer

Time as a dimensions: physical dimensions are not important. Time, sequence of events, logical Links and flows are. Films can be used for this

In facts. After a short discussion with Alan, later on, I understood that he was thinking at using videos, thinking at Francois jegou or the work of the interaction institute of Ivrea. I think video are relevant, also in ethnographic analysis. But it is hard to introduce them in the 7. Semester (too much to do for the students)

Jacqelinc Otte young people are designing their own fashon

Designers are looking at users. They give for granted tllat the production system behind them is the usual one

Kun piong lee (Korea)

Korea: 300 design programs. 21000 master. Totally 31000 design sludents

Impressive presentation about behavioral and ethnographic analysis for designing a mobile phone. Who says that Asian schools are not doing very well in product design?

Joep Frens (NL):

Rich interaction. On how to go beyond menus, screens and digital interaction.

Demonstrates that the rich iyteraclion is better, but in fact it seems to me thlt he is just producing a new paradigm of interaction, which may not be comprehended by users of the standard interaction paradigm.

Daniel pinkas on interaction. Using pictures and short movies for virtual navigation in exhibitions

Daniel Saakes

Projecting images on products (e.g. Packaging)

Anne Guemand

On tactile phones

Turkka Keinonen

Improve the quality of design services in FI. At the strategic level. Design as an important part of the finnish innovation system.

Unit for activity theory.

PRoactive design

Second day

Ursula Tirshner Workshop on design for sustainability

Ursula gave a presentation about her work on sustainability. The discussion was both on which research can be organised focusing on design for sustainability and what is the value of desiging design for sustainability (in other